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Welcome To European & African Commodity Company Ltd.

EACC is a trading solutions entity in the region that has built itself to be the export powerhouse in trading of most needed commodities including raw consumables (coffee beans, cacao beans, cashew nuts, pepper) and raw non-consumables (bauxite ore, latex natural rubber and timber logs).

We provide customized procurement solutions to the international commodity buyers and help them fulfil the needs for their domestic markets. We source directly in origin and are closely monitoring price fluctuations, depending on crops results worldwide.

Our international procurement network, world class due diligence practices and structured backend integrated supply chain with farmers and aggregators have helped us deliver the best of quality and services.

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Social Responsibility

How We Care...

At European & African Commodity Company Ltd, we make sure to maintain business.

The community we work in is our top priority, and so taking care of their well-being through the products we supply is extremely important to us.


We Provide Best Trading

World class trading requires world class quality control. We won’t ship a product we’re not sure will meet your needs and specifications.

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Our Products

Natural Rubber

Natural Rubber is grown throughout Liberia, and neighboring countries. It is currently the preferred tree crop for smallholders. It is an important major export commodity, accounting for a large percentage of Liberia’s total export earnings. We contribute to that export by growing and aggregating high quality rubber cup lumps from smallholder farmers and plantations. We provide the following rubber products:
  • Latex
  • Technically Specified Rubber (TSR) Rubber
  • Ribbed Smoked Sheet (RSS) Rubber
Natural rubber is made by extracting a liquid sap, called latex, from certain types of tree. There are over 2,500 types of tree that produce this sap (including plants like dandelions), but the overwhelming majority of latex for rubber production stems from the Hevea Brasiliense’s tree, or the aptly named rubber tree.